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Get Airline Tickets : Car Rental

Since so many families now purchase their flights and rental cars using
reward miles and points, we no longer try to automatically incorporate flights
and cars with our Resort packages.

~ Do It Yourself ~

Airline Tickets
Use our dedicated booking engine on Hawaiian Airlines

Bonus 5% Off the lowest Hawaiian Airlines Web Fares

( After page opens, scroll down to code input box )
Enter Code: ATPA - for added 5% off trans Pacific flights

Hawaiian Airline Tickets

NOTE: Additional activity & travel offers found on the Hawaiian Airlines webpages
are from Hawaiian Airlines and are not provided or serviced by us (AATPA Inc.)


~ Do It Yourself ~

Online Booking: Flights & Car
(Air/Car Package Financing Available)

Use our Pleasant Holidays booking engine to book your Flights / Car
~ Book here or simply use to research then call us ~
AATPA Inc. Air/Car Packages

NOTE: Additional activity & travel offers found on the Pleasant Holidays webpages
are serviced by us (AATPA Inc.)


~ We Can Do It For You ~

Flights - Car - Parking

Available Options:
All-in-one, easy-to-manage package

1. Round Trip Flights
2. Kona Rental Car
3. Prepaid Resort Parking
4. Lady's Lei Greeting

For Quick Quote:
Contact us with:

1. Travel Dates
2. Departure City
3. Car size

We will respond quickly !

Call 530-878-2992
Email: rez_kona@aatpa.com

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